Diamond 模具延遲通知,tooling delay notice

Twsbi Diamond 活塞上墨鋼筆三 付旋轉脫牙模具; 筆蓋,筆管,筆管後蓋,因採用新的滾珠螺桿旋轉設計,結果試模至今此設計的作動還是不順暢(已嘗試兩星期了),今日開會決定為避免無限期的延誤,除繼續原 先模具除錯改善外,將以備用型腔另開簡易型少穴數模具以供產出零件以作成品功能測試。預計需時兩個星期,即十一月下旬此簡易模可試模。



Tooling delay notice!
Twsbi Diamond piston filling fountain pen, three screw off parts; cap, barrel, and barrel cap, due to using new ball screw mechanism design, the tooling test result is not smooth on opening operation; we have been working on this issue for two weeks. Today we have an internal meeting, to prevent further unknow delay in timing, we will use spare cavity insert to create three more simple type tooling, so we can have the parts sooner for product performance test. The tooling time for these three simple tooling will take about two weeks, meaning around end of Nov. In the mean time, the debug on existing ball screw tooling will be continued.

I feel sorry for keep everybody expecting and waiting. But, don’t worry, by end of this month I believe the parts will come out and ready for product test.

Nov. 10th, 2009


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