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Gold Nib sample from Germany

可惜是大尖,Diamond 530不能裝,需等Diamond V7

I just got sample of gold nib (18K gold) from Germany,
but they are larger nib, not for Diamond 530 but for Diamond V7.
just have a look for your reference first.


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Diamond ink bottle update 2010/05/05

2010/05/05 更新 update
1. 瓶身要下半部沈穩厚實,避免吸墨時不小心打翻
2. 瓶身最好有鑽石面的特徵
3. 必須方便吸墨,類似瓶身小隔間設計,或附內置小容器設計

RD 依此設計出第一款造型如下,請各位看後再提出意見。

According to suggestions from penpals of Taiwan, China, and USA
… I conclude several direction for the design

1. lower section of the bottle should be heavier or wider then top section,

to prevent tip over when filling
2. the bottle design should have the Diamond shape feature
3. must have the second chamber or add on device for easy filling.

There are other suggestion asking plastic bottle for traveling purpose… 
but plastic bottle will have limitation on chamber shape, due to the need

of core pin ejection, so we will proceed with glass in house version first.


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